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Knitting and football

Ahhhh yes, it is that time of year again. even though it is still hotter then hades here in Bakersfield, football has returned and there is NOTHING better then knitting while watching football. I have three projects going and each one of them is wonderful football knitting. A scarf (lace weight! oiks) with my hand dyed yarn. A baby blanket, for my niece, using Lions brand baby wool. An “Edge Addiction” pullover, using a new colorway from Regia. The pattern is written by a friend and is so fun that I am doing a second one, with plans for a third. call me crazy.Along with knitting I am trying to get my geek on and get the store working here on my website. I am also taking a ton of pictures of my yarn to get them listed on my Etsy store…soon to be opened.

And finally, I promise to start blogging more. It does help to get the word out about my creations. Have a great week!

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Dying to sell

Beside increasing my knitting knowledge I am now venturing into being an indie dyer of fibers and yarns. To do this, I have started a Kickstarter Campaign. being on a fixed income makes it hard to start this which is why I am asking for your support. If you can donate some, even just a little, I would be eternally grateful for your support. There are bonuses for YOU if your donation is over $10. Just click on the widget to the right to support my campaign. thank you!

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New Year, New Fun

Lately, as in all last year, I have been bitten by the knitting and spinning bug. I want to get better. I want to learn new things about all this loverly fiber. So, to get started I decided to start in on the Master Knitter program offered through The Knitting Guild of America .

I have the instruction manual for level one. I have my notebook all set up. I have my yarn and needles. I have done the research for the paper. Now…..all that I need is a swift kick upside my tukus to get me going.

For some reason I am really nervous about starting. Rather ridiculous but the truth. I really am looking forward to taking this adventure. Honest!


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Jana Roberts Benzon to teach in Bakersfield, California

Encrusted Bracelet

Join Jana Roberts Benzon

in Bakersfield, California September 14/15, 2013 for her “Encrusted” workshop. This is only the second time she has taught this class and the first time in the US. The folks in Israel who took this workshop were blown away. Don’t be left out! Spaces are filling up fast.


The class is $195, with a deposit on $75 to hold your place. Complete payment due before, or on the first day of class. Contact for more information.


Inexpensive hotels are near where the class will be held.


Created by an Israeli student

Necklace Made by Israeli student

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oops, took a wee break

which I really didn’t mean to. I finally got all the supplies I needed to make my own Dodec spinning wheel. I was all excited to build it so I could join “Tour de Fleece” on Ravelry. Well that came to a screeching halt after making 4 cuts. My finger decided to visit the blade of the table saw. ( the push stick slipped) Anyway, I an now on day 8 with a finger splint and a few stitches. Sure put a kabosh on pretty much everything. thank goodness it is my non dominant hand.

Today I attempted to knit again. I have some socks I need to get finished. Yay! I can handle the smaller size needles without dropping stitches left and right. Only thing is, my hand cramps because I am using different fingers to hold the needles. eh, I figure I knit until the hand begins to cramp and then I go on to something else.

I can’t clay just yet. It is amazing how much I use my left forefinger when claying. So, instead of playing with the clay, I am going through my clay stash for a destash sale. I have enough clay to sink a battleship. I will never be able to use it all in my lifetime ;) Stay tuned for the posting of the sale!

Have a wonderful week!

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First travel class…to Fresno!

I headed up to Fresno to teach a knitting guild the joys of polymer clay. They were excited and so was I. All the clay for the class was donated by Van Aken, creators of Kato Polymer Clay. What a wonderful gift that was as the class was outdoors and it decided to get very warm in the afternoon- mid 90’s. If any other clay had been used it would have been a sloppy sticky mess!

Once the setting was all equipped with the pasta machines and blades, the students gathered around to see the beginning steps….how to condition the clay. Once we started that it was like trying to hold wild horses back. They were off to the races. After conditioning the clay we began creating simple canes. From the simple canes we moved into building a complex cane out of the simple canes. This took us up until the lunch break.

After our meal we went back outside and they learned how to reduce the complex triangle, cutting it into thirds. They then learned how to create different looking canes by arranging the sections in different ways. Once they had three different canes we moved on to now what do I do with these?”

Buttons were made, stitch markers were made, switch plate covers, big beads, little beads, they went a wee bit crazy. Oh the joy I got watching their faces go from “oy this is ugly” to “WOW, I can’t believe I made this!!” By the end of the day there were tired new clayers, one who wanted to go even further with the art of Polymer clay. And one very tired but elated instructor, moi.

Again, all my thanks to Van Aken for supplying the clay and making my first ever travel class the success it was.

checker boards
checker boards













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Holy Moly

It has been over a year. No wonder it is so damn dusty in here :)

It has been a busy year. Doing what I am not sure but it has been busy. Right now we are in the final stretch of a redo of our kitchen post water heater rupture. boy howdy does that absolutely kill any creativity. At least clay wise. Right now I am into knitting. I have found a knitting guild here in Bakersfield and I am loving the folks and learning new things. You can see all my projects over on my Ravelry page

I am also the new webmaster for my knitting guild website. It is a work in progress that is for sure but you can view it here

My goals now are to be better organized time wise. to update my blog regularly, to get my Etsy Store stocked and maybe actually sell some stuff. I also need to finish organizing my studio space. And, last but not least, increase my stock for my First Friday and Third Thursday shows. Busy? nah.

Have an awesome week!

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fly by greetings

I have been pretty darn busy lately. did my first two day show and it wiped me out. But, I did darn good so I m happy. Third Thursdays at Mill Creek have started back up, along with First Fridays so I am keeping hopping adding new work to my stock.

I totally loved my water color painting class and am sad it is over. I need to carve out some time to paint more.

I am going to Physical Therapy three times a week for my plantar fasciitis in hopes that surgery down the road won’t need to happen. So far I am no longer in agony when I walk but the pain is till there. Have had the max amount of cortisone shots I can have and my doc wants me off the Celebrex within a month. I guess I will see what happens when I am done with the meds eh?

until then I keep on being creative….which is a good darn thing I am thinking! Happy claying